For most Print Nightmare fixes are mostly in place without any unwanted side effects. For others, It appears that windows updates continue to break printing.

Microsoft does have a great resource page, if you'd like to know more about Print Nightmare, what it is, and how you can protect yourself.

This past Tuesday (Nov 9th) Microsoft released security updates as part of a monthly security rollup. KB5007186 - Security Rollup. If you were experiencing printing issues over the last few months, then these updates most certainly re-introduced the printing issues. Similar to October's Security Update - KB5006670, there are printing issues. We've been patiently waiting for Microsoft to remediate this printing issue as it's been ongoing since July. For now, those that are affected, the workaround is to remove these updates and hope Microsoft get's it right in December.

If you're working with an MSP, your MSP should be able to test and control which updates your systems receive. Your MSP should ensure that this update doesn't get applied until a newer update rollup fixes this issue completely.