Remote Support Innovation drives cost savings

I had the pleasure of working with Vittorio on a project that innovated the way our IT organization provided remote support to end users. The project involved working with multiple technologies that Vittorio was unfamiliar with at the onset. However, Vittorio was able to execute and work well with other globally based team members to deliver a sophisticated solution that met project requirements. He was a vocal member in team meetings. On more than a few occasions he would challenge the approach we were taking and offered new perspectives on alternative approaches that ended up working well for us. From my perspective, Vittorio proved himself to be a bright and talented technical resource with good problem solving, communication and team-oriented skills. He never said no to taking on difficult challenges and consistently delivered on meeting those challenges.

Michael Getz Michael Getz Senior Principal Engineer
CA Technologies

With the right Attitude, even challenging tasks are successful

Vittorio was always a critical thinker and very methodical. His calm demeanor and can-do attitude always provided a positive influence to any project he was driving. His work with Windows and VDI allowed us to automate the desktop provisioning process globally at CA, both physical and virtual. Anything I threw his way, he always delivered to spec and on time.

John Brown John Brown Senior IT Director
CA Technologies

Dependable Technical Solutions

As the sole IT person at my company, there are times when I need specific expertise for projects I’ve been tasked with.  Prior to finding Green Bee 3, I used to dread having to call in external support, it never went well.  Green Bee 3 has proven time and time again that I can count on them.  From firewalls to DHCP problems, from exchange servers to simple questions, these guys do it all.  It’s a good feeling to know someone has your back.

Ken Spence Network Administrator
Prouse Dash & Crouch, LLP

Customer Service Done Right

If you are looking for a new IT firm or are considering Green Bee3, know these people honestly CARE. They care enough to have a live person answering the line 24/7, even on Sunday. They do not spend your money if there is a better way. They are forward thinking and ahead of the technology game. Their goal is to minimize or eliminate threats before your systems crash. They really make you feel secure.

The Green Bee3 team cares! I only deal with good guys, and they are definitely on my list.

Peter Ober President
Norak Steel Construction LTD.

These guys are pros !

Just received a new computer and I have to say, this has been one of the smoothest transition from old computer to new in almost 40 years of getting new computers.  Whatever you did, it worked well.  Good job, thanks!

Peter Loparco Purchasing Manager
Norak Steel Construction LTD.